Our company, Rim Seiko Ltd., started its business in 1952 in Sabae city, Japan, which is also known as “Eyeglasses Town”. We mainly manufacture and machine special eye wires. In addition, we do frame molding and sell the materials for glasses. We have accumulated achievements in some European countries, Korea, China, Hong Kong as well as in Japan. We always strive for making improvement with our techniques and services.

Moreover, we readily work on collaborating not just with people in the glasses industry but also with in other industries, which is how we strive for excellence with the technology used by our customers.
Using our mottos “Quality first” “Customers highest” and “Technological Advancement,” we will continue to advance in our field for our increasing number of customers.

Sales results, activity details, etc.

①Manufacturing and selling special eye wires for glasses

We have an extremely high standard of technological skill. With our expertise, we are able to meet our customer’s highest expectations.
We have received positive acknowledgements from many other companies, regarding our technological strength.
Using our mottos, “Quality first” “Customers highest” and ”Technological advancement,” we always strive to experience and skills to our customers, the proof of which is in the high quality of work we provide.

②Frame molding, selling materials to for making our coils

Within our company, we have highly trained and dedicated professionals with unique vision.
We are always ready to provide our skills to respond to our customer’s needs.

③Exhibited a booth at the Italian exhibition “mido exhibition”

In 2017, we exhibited at the booth at the Italian exhibition “mido exhibition” held from February 25th to 27th. Many customers were able to visit our booth, and we feel that this mido exhibition was a success.

Many companies helped us with the exhibition. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. Thank you very much.